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02-15-2010, 08:25 AM
No....not what you think. I already own both and love them both. I carry the CW9 because it is 11 oz lighter

Recently I had the chance to let two total novice shooters try both guns with the same 115 gr ammo. One shooter was my wife. These two events happened on different ranges on different days.

After shooting both pistols I asked both shooters which they preferred. I truly expected them to choose the 239 because it is 11 oz heavier and recoils a bit less.

I was very surprised when both new shooters preferred the CW9 over the SIG! Both felt the could shoot it better. I think that is a great recommendation.

02-15-2010, 09:02 AM
Very good comparison. I wonder what they would think if a PM9 were added to the trial? It's lighter and has less grip for your hand, but it's pretty manageable. One of these days I'm going to get my wife to go with me and see what she prefers... maybe after I get a PM45 and even my still awaited P380. I would like to see what she thinks about the PM series. She wasn't really crazy about any of my guns -- past and present. I couldn't believe that she didn't pick the K9 as the best. In the past she didn't like the PPK/s and had nothing to say about the Para P12, neither of which I have now. We have an H&R 929 -- 9-shot .22 revolver (4" barrel) loaded with Stingers in her headboard. That's a KISS gun, just so she has something.
I sold the P12 to get money to buy a new stereo with HDMI switching connections. The p12 wasn't stainless and I didn't need it to walk the dog anymore. the PPK/s was a biter and like its little brother the TPH, it is easy to get off a second shot before you are ready... almost a double.

02-15-2010, 09:27 AM
Interesting post. I do the same kind of comparisons from time to time. I generally use my HK P2000SK as the base line because I have the highest regard for this pistol.


I think I end up shooting the HK better mainly because most of my shots are in the SA mode of the gun. My DA shots are not as consistent (I admit it).

Recoil isn't much of an issue with any of these guns generally unless I shoot hotter loads. I practice a lot with NATO ball which is sort of hot. I prefer the overall grip of the HK to the poly Kahr, but concealment issues go to the Kahr win column every time.


I've found my personal weight limitation to be around 28 oz. Anything over that I start to feel the grag over the day. Anything under seems to ride comfortably all day.

I own more Kahrs and HKs than any other brands, (though I do have four Sigs, they're all the same model...go figure :confused:). Both brands strike me as no nonsense makers. I don't go for glitz, glamour, trends or fads, just give me guns that work.

Two that I compare as almost equals in just about any way I can compare them are the Kahr T9 and the HK P7. I really love both of these pistols. I shoot them about equally well. When I take both to the range to do a "shoot off", as I've done several times, I come away not being able to pick a winner.

Both outstanding examples of great, classic firearms IMHO.

02-15-2010, 09:43 AM
Don't you feel sorry for Kahr collectors? I don't think that anyone, even KAHR, can keep up with all of the variations possible. Every time we turn around someone shows a possibly unique example where Kahr is experimenting with slide beveling or whatever!
It does present a lot of choice, but I would still like to see a K4544N. If I could have it in a DA/SA version as well, that would be even better. I wouldn't even mind a FRAME-mounted Safe-Fire-Decocker like the FNP-45. More magazine capacity... nah... the grip starts getting too fat. 6-shot mag, flush-fitting and blackened to match the gun. This would be the perfect gun for me. If my wife liked this version, I would buy two. I don't know for sure, but being a woman, she would probably go for a "shiny" one.:D