View Full Version : Can you tell me much about a Mountian Eagle 22lr

06-11-2012, 07:35 PM
I recently picked up a Mountian Eagle 22lr
Its like it was made in the day with the box extra mag all the sight blades etc even the snappy little patch for my favorite vest
Can anyone tell me much about these? Were they dependable? Shoot well? What would this be worth?

Thanks HAnk


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05-31-2018, 08:46 AM
Hello, This my first post on the site. I read your question and I have had all three barrel lengths of the mountain eagles and have had them for a while now. 4, 6 and 8 inch barrels.
My experience with them has been ok. None of my ME's like low power rimfire ammo. No match, subsonic or anything like that. But they do like high velocity ammo, like CCI mini mag, CCI blazer, and those sorts.

I don't flip them I collect them so I really do not know what they are worth. I check them on Gun broker from time to time and I see them selling for around $175 or so. But none of the ones that I see are in as good a shape as yours.

Yours looks like the 8inch barrel version, is that right?

And now that I think about it, they were made by Ram Line back in the 90's or so. The Ram Line Syntech is what they patterned it off of. I also see you have screw-on type rear sight as opposed to a dove tail sight. My 8inch ME has the rear sight adjustment screw missing and I'm having a hard time finding one to fix it with. My magazines are a little substandard to say the least. Mine have jammed while I insert it into the mag well of the little gun and the baseplates on mine pull off way too easily too. And the little tab on the side of the magazine isn't much help either when loading the magazines but they are much better than nothing.

All in all they are fun to shoot when you get the ammo figured out. My favorite is the 4 inch barrel. It has 15 round mag and it fairly accurate with CI blazer ammo and it packs real good too.

And they are much easier to clean than a Ruger mark one thru 3 too. At least for me that is.

So I will also take this opportunity to ask anyone out there is they know of where I can get a rear sight screw for my ME.

And too, boatboy Hank, if you don't want the patch, make me an offer on it

Thanks yall!