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Hugh Jorgan
04-06-2014, 10:16 PM
Received my new Desert Eagle 1911-G last week from Buds Gun Shop in Kentucky. Picked it up from my FFL here in Texas and rushed home to check it out. What I found was...well, AWESOME!!

I was very impressed with the initial fit and finish. Black oxide coloration was even with no dark (dye) spots, muzzle-to-bushing fit, slide-to-frame fit, and barrel-to-frame fit all had excellent tolerances (much like Baby Bear's porridge, they were "just right"...not too tight, not too loose). Lockup was solid, slide action was smooth and the trigger was crisp with minimal take-up and zero overtravel. Safety switch was firm but not overly stiff (might be a little too loose for a lock-n-load carry weapon, but great for a race gun plinking targets at the range).

The one test this pistol failed was magazine load/eject. Both of the included magazines stick in this gun while loading and ejecting (one a bit worse than the other). They will easily push in and pull out...but they will NOT drop in or out by gravity alone (with mag released fully depressed) as they should, and one magazine is showing a wear-spot right behind the #7 hole on the side that reads "Made in Israel".

I guess I cant really complain considering the gun was only $600, and in every other test it performed as well as the Kimbers I examined at my local gun store costing twice as much...but still an unacceptable issue in my opinion. I dont know if its a flaw in the frame or in the magazines themselves, but I'm going to try Wilson Combat 47D magazines and see if they work any better. If the aftermarket mag doesn't solve the problem, this gun is going back to Magnum Research!! Or I may just eat the cost and have a local pistolsmith solve the problem so I'm not without my weapon for six weeks...depends on the cost to fix.

Other than that ONE small annoyance, its a GREAT gun...probably the best bang for your buck 1911 out there (with the Ruger SR1911 coming in at a close second).

*I will update this post when the Wilson Combat mags arrive.

04-06-2014, 11:35 PM
My 1911 G is the most accurate 1911 I have. I was really shocked, way beyond my expectations. Just a great gun.

I don't recall if my factory mags worked or not. I use the Wilson 47D's all the time, don't remember if I even shot it with the factory mags. I know they look pretty decent quality too. I know the 47D's gave no issue at all.

I suspect the mag release might just need a little tweak or maybe just a little use will slick things up and make it drop as it should.

07-11-2014, 03:19 PM
Late but just found this thread. Ya'll got me to thinking about it so pulled my 1911 G out and checked the mags. Mine came with two Mec-Gar mags (made in Italy). Liked them so much that I bought two more of the same brand. They all shoot out of the gun so no problem. Still loving this gun!


07-12-2014, 10:04 AM
May i offer my two cents?
Even if i don`t have much sense to spare?:behindsofa:
I have mags from remington, act mag, wilson combat, and kahr.
At least a couple of them had the same problem you described, they would not fit easily into my guns.
I found that they had a slight bulge to them. My solution was to lay them on a bench and put a good straight edge on them. Having figured out where the bulge was, i put them in a vise and gently squeezed. repeating a few times till they were reasonably flat. They all work fine now.
If one makes one million pieces and have a one percent failure rate, how many of those one percent will i get?:confused:

07-12-2014, 10:12 PM
That's was a great idea!

07-13-2014, 08:49 PM
If one makes one million pieces and have a one percent failure rate, how many of those one percent will i get?:confused:

Thats easy. If you're like me you'll get half. I end up with the other half:(