View Full Version : WTT 380 reloading dies and components

08-05-2016, 11:58 AM
I am out of the country for work and am unavailable to ship the bullets or dies. I will renew the listing when I return. Thanks!!

I have gotten out of the 380 business and into the 9mm business. Sold a Colt Mustang and my Colt 380 Gov't was stolen. Bought a PM9.

I have Redding 380 dies, Pro Series, complete set, Titanuim Carbide, #89170

Brass, 767 pieces of new, unfired, R*P 380 ACP brass

223 pieces of once fired, cleaned, polished, re-sized R*P brass from the same lot. (10 got lost I guess.)

A large box of Remington Golden Saber 380 bullets, I will count them when necessary but I think it is 500. They are 102 gr.

I have some Remington Golden Saber factory loads, about two boxes and a few more.

I also have some good, hard cast lead 380 bullets that I would sell if you are interested. I have a box that was 500 but have loaded some. I will count them if there is interest.

Other than the lead bullets I am looking to trade for the same stuff in 9mm. I can add cash or accept some cash to make it even.

I can get once fired Federal 9mm brass by the 5 gal bucket for free if I pay shipping so new 9mm brass only please.

Phoenix AZ