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05-01-2021, 01:36 PM
I bought a scope to allow some optics shuffling for a new build I have going. I currently have LaRue LT745 20MOA mounts for my scopes. Nice mounts, work as expected and was just going to go with another. Then I got to thinking maybe I should try something else. I had originally thought about a Bobro back when I bought the first, but my research found some info (https://www.huntershalt.com/best-34mm-scope-rings/) on them coming loose and allowing shifting. LaRue was the shortest wait time back then and had solid histories so I went with them, but had also considered ADM.

Now I have been looking again and ADM is in the mix. The ADM mounts on my Atlas bipods work really well, so I'm thinking their scope mounts would be nice too. I'll need 34mm rings and want 20MOA cant. Looking for any info, experiences or recommendations on various makes and models. I have no issue purchasing another LaRue, just thinking trying something else might not be bad. Not looking to start a brand war either. I like the LaRue's I have, they always return to zero and are solid.

Any info, experiences or recommendations on others would be greatly appreciated and give me an opportunity to do some more looking before i buy. Thanks in advance.

ETA: just started looking at Spuhr and others. Actually thinking of foregoing the QD option or route. My optics are not shared between rifles and only removed to demonstrate or less likely for cleaning possibly.

Canine Dave
05-01-2021, 09:52 PM
I guess I don't realize what a duffer I am in the shooting sports until I read questions like this.

I hope someone comes along with experience in the products he is seeking.

I have never invested so much money in a scope mount. One here I googled cost more than my MK9!

I still have fun, though.

05-01-2021, 10:08 PM
Our snipers and regional SWAT guys from my old department were devout LaRue fans. While I installed numerous scopes and components etc, I never really got into the research end of things. The other brands mentioned are not familiar to me.

I too am the typical African Safari dude, a 5,000 dollar rifle and a 29 dollar scope. Just never could fork over the dough for good optics. The now firearms instructor, who used to be a SWAT sniper has far more invested in scopes and mounts alone than I probably do in guns.

Canine Dave
05-03-2021, 03:59 AM
Nephew used to shop long and hard for the best and biggest glass he could find for his rifles, then stick on some cheap plastic see-thru covers.

I like your way better.

05-03-2021, 08:39 AM
I used to use flip up covers to keep dirt, snow, rain etc off the lenses. I ran onto a nice Buck many many years ago, plenty close, easy shot. Went to flip the rear cover and it stuck and wouldn't open. I got the buck but had to follow him for a ways for another shot. Haven't used scope covers since ever.