View Full Version : 1911G Slide Stop Lever

Joe L
06-25-2011, 09:33 AM
When I first got my 1911G, the slide would lock back once or twice per 50 rounds before the ACT magazine was empty. I filed a little metal off above the ledge and tried to solve the problem. Trial and error, resulted in filing off just a little too much for the ACT magazine follower to catch the slide stop on empty. McCormick magazine worked fine, however. I ordered a Wilson Combat forged slide stop lever and tried it this morning. Problem solved, no premature slide stops and no missed empty mag slide stops, using both the McCormick and supplied ACT magazines.

I think someone with more experience with slightly reshaping the Desert Eagle supplied MIM part could make it work. I was too impatient then went overboard on the fix. I couldn't see any defect in the supplied slide stop lever, but I hope mine was a one in a 1000 defect.