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01-02-2010, 08:44 PM
Took my new CW9 out for it's first test drive today and was very favorably impressed. I only had one malfunction with it in about 80 rounds fired. Apparently I didn't have the mag seated one time and the first round took a nose dive and jammed. I cleared it and reloaded the mag with no further problems. This is the pistol I posted about earlier that had some chrome flaking in the chamber and barrel area. It didn't seem to hurt shooting at all. While the gun isn't exactly a tack driver, shooting was definately acceptable. The trigger takes a little getting used to, being an avid 1911 shooter and used to a very light, crisp, short trigger pull. Everything was managable and well within what I expected it to be. I think it is a keeper and will probably replace my G36 in the future, except when tracking any wounded game and such.

mr surveyor
01-02-2010, 09:34 PM
I can understand your situation with the long DA trigger. I have a Kimber 1911 with a "tweaked" trigger at about 2.5 pounds, a Sig P239 that's around 6 pounds DA and 3 pounds SA, a S&W 637.......

I've also had (still have some) KelTec pistols with the same looonnngggg triggers.... a LOT grittyer. Having gone from the Kt PF9 with the long, gritty, twangy trigger, to the long but smooth "Elite" trigger on the CW9, it's the difference between night and day. There's no doubt about the fact that I can shoot my Kimber much more precisely than any other handgun in my collection, but it's not my everyday carry gun. The Sig P239 is wonderful as a DA/SA, but for IWB it's a bit on the thick side for me. The S&W 637 is, admittedly, my everyday work carry, but only due to the fact I can carry snake shot on the front two followed by 38 spl +p in the other three (think about my handle and why I would want a revo for "duty"). My CW9 has taken over the "off duty" carry responsibility.

I am also working on "point shooting" the CW9 the same as the S&W 637 in D/A as they are beginning to feel close to the same trigger action. I've had quite a few hand guns in the carry rotation over the years, including SA, SA/DA and DA only, and am beginning to gravitate to the DA only for EDC. I carry for personal defense, and all I'm concerned with it my ability to hit COM at 7 yards or less. I have no doubt that I can achieve that objective with my CW9. If I want to "target shoot".... there's others in my arsenal. The CW9 has finally filled the 9mm nitche in my carry rotation that was screaming for a long time.

I wish you the same success I've had.


01-10-2010, 10:13 PM
Took my CW9 out for a second time today and everything went great. No malfunctions at all and the gun is very accurate for one with a 3.6" bbl. I have around 270 rounds through it so far and I am completely satisfied it will run like it is supposed to. Kahr definately makes a well designed pistol.

01-11-2010, 01:59 AM
nice report, super nice gun and ur dead right, two different guns in the 1911 and the kahrs. Ur kahr willnever be what the 1911 is in accuracy, just not designed that way. They quality is certainly there but this is a defense gun more than anything and that loooong trigger is goingto make you a safer shooter, although not a better shooter. I still love to shoot my PM9 more than any gun I own.