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  1. Sir -

    Bawanna is making some custom grips for my step father. My step father is a Vietnam vet with 2 purple hearts and Bawanna is inlaying some Army lapel pins into some Ebony wood to go into a SW1911sc that I picked up used. It will be my step-dad's first civilian handgun after a lifetime of hunting with shotguns and rifles. The long description is only to illustrate that what Bawanna is doing for me is an amazing gesture for a gift for an amazing man.

    Bawanna said he only takes donations of raw material and shooting supplies for his hobbies. As a "moderator", I am curious if you know what specific round Bawanna likes to shoot or any other donation that would work for him personally. I can put my hands on some good stock for him to work with, but I want to make this donation the best I can.

    Thanks for your help if you can provide!

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