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    Hi, just curious when one is allowed to have, and edit a Signature in my posts.

    Thanks in advance,

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    John: I am new to the forum and glad to be here. Question? I am about to order a GURU pocket holster for my CM40 with Crimson Laser. The drop down menu has it for the PM40. Is ok to assume that is will also fit the CM40? I am thinking it will be just fine, but just wanted a pros opinion. Thank you and I am looking forward to getting deeper into the forum.
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    would it be possible to get a sub-forum in the marketplace for MRI firearms/parts?

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    was in mexico and could not log onto this forum. I was instructed to send message to admin which I did asking why my IP addy was banned and if you could fix it so I could log on but I never got a reply. Why no reply and why the ban?
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    How come I cannot create an album? I just wanted to upload pictures of my CM9.
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    John, I've run across a few things on the Calendar that you might want to check into. I noticed a few days that had large numbers of "birthdays" and all or all but a few were the same age.

    Here's my post where I brought the birthdays up until I looked at individual "members".

    What happened on these days? post # 176849

  7. View Conversation This thread is nothing but political nonsense and should be on a different forum.

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    WTF is this VIVA LA SHIELD bull ****. Why do we let ******,es come over here and recruit kand wile their at it bash kahrs as they do. I have not issues with shield reviews but when assholes come here andsome of them are out members like ITSTHELAW and he sounds off with his recrting bull ****, well it just doesn't fly with me. Try this **** on glock talk.

    If u remember we had the same bull **** with the NANO boys until they found out that this wonderful gun was indeed made by man and man fucks up-0 and the NANO is not so virgin anymore.

    The Shield has issues accoprding the some reporti9ng slide going out of battery. but these Shield guys look right past that **** becuase the gun goes bang (so they say)_ and I guyess kahrs do not. this is a kahr forum not a damnb shield forum with now over 10 pages of bull **** about shileds and how ******* great they are. I don't wish Smith any bad luck, not my point but these shield boys are not here to help kahr people eithe
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    Where can I find rule for posting?
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    John, been gone for 3 weeks , seem we have lost 3 assholes on this forum. Kudos to you for finally taking hold of this kahr bashing sh-t. I have no ill feeling when one has issues with his kahr, as I have said in the past to, if ur not satisfied with a kahr peddle it and move on, but some of these guys just seem to want to bash and bash, and it make me wonder if indeed they are just not anti kahr plants. They serve no purpose on this fourm other than to stir crap. anyway, I will go away for another 3 weeks if it helps to eliminte any more assholes to. Do try though to keep me off ur hit list

    nice job

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