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Thread: CW45 Crimson Trace Fit ???

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    Default CW45 Crimson Trace Fit ???

    I filled out the online "Contact Us" form at CT last night, but wanted some opinions before I actually email pics to them. This is the fit of my CT, these pics are all with the AGrip, but it was the same without. I even took the CT off, and trimmed the AGrip behind the button, leaving just enough for the CT to still cover the edges. No matter how tight I make the screws, still has a gap. Thank you.
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    Well they replied to my Contact Us and said they would RMA it without even seeing pictures, great CS.

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    We saw quite a few of those awhile back. There was alot of back and forth and some blame on frames not being the same etc. I think they finally determined it was bad molding at CT. They just started replacing them. Haven't heard anything about bad fits for quite awhile now.
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    Maybe I got one of the left over bad batch, I looked around and found the cheapest price, that is not always the best way. Did get a free optics cleaning kit with it. I did the same with the AGrip I bought and it was not a good fit at all, needed to be trimmed or it would have been on the slide too. From now, if Kahr has it, that is where I get it.

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