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i shot both a cm9 and a cw9 for the first time sunday. i like the way the cw9 felt in my hand better but the cm9 carries better. its amazing how such a small size difference can make. interesting thing though, i shot the smaller cm9 better than the larger cw9. recoil wasnt bad on either weapon. i'll be carrying the cm9 in my pocket on my regular job and also when im doing photo shoots downtown. Kahr should come out with a cm version of their .380. for defensive work i think the rifled barrel is fine. i mean think about it. your spring will be wound too tight in a fight or flight situation anyway to worry about target grade accuracy. poop'n your pants spoils accuracy more than a rifled barrel as opposed to a match barrel does.
Bad_Brains, funny seeing you on here. Thinking back, I don't recall you being "that" accurate with either one of those guns. :19:

I think I shot your CM9 better than either of us shot my CW9. Thinking about getting my old hack saw out, make my stock the same length as your CM9, order a CM9 magazine and calling it good. That is if someone doesn't buy mine first so I can buy one of those CM9s. May sell the CW9 and the 642 and just buy me one of them there PM9s....