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Thread: New to Kahr CM9 - break in suggestions ?

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    Thanks for the great info I learn something every visit to the site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flieger67 View Post
    Hi, Duchess, and welcome.

    I'm not certain how much it would help but wrapping one hand over the top of the with that hand's thumb on the back side of the grip works for me. As you've seen, you have to have the slide in the right spot to get the slide stop lever out.

    Good luck.

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    Welcome to the forum,

    +1 on trying this. You have a lot more leverage then you think holding the pistol this way. You can always revert to the chopsticks if you need too.

    Place the pistol in your right hand with the barrel facing to the left. The web of your hand should be on the backside of the grip and your fingers across the top of the slide. The pistol facing the left and you should be looking at the back of your hand. With the two fingers over the slide just in front of the rear sight you can hold the slide back enough to remove the pin really easy. Also if its easier, hold the pistol the same way but with the palm of your hand toward you and all your fingers over the top just ahead of the rear site. Be sure and remove the magazine first.

    Have fun, its a fun pistol to shoot. I would also recommend getting a good slide grease like Tetra or CW25 and lube the rails and the outside of the barrel after cleaning. That keeps things running smooth and cuts down on wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KahrDriver1 View Post
    Seriouosly, my brand new Kahr PM40 is having some issues with the extended mag. (Regular 5 rd mag works fine.) It refuses to go into battery with rounds loaded in the extended mag. Slide moves forward @ 1/4 in. then stops. However, it works fine with plastic "training rounds." I called Kahr, they are sending a new floorplate (finger rest) for the extended mag. I'm not sure how that's going to help as it does not appear to be touching the bottom of the grip. Anyone else have this issue with an extended mag? If so, how did you resolve it? thanx.
    I have two PM40's and as a result two extended magazines. I would never bother to buy another. Mine work fine, most of the time, with the ammo that works best in my gun, but failures to feed are common with several other types of ammo. The extended magazines are just less reliable, in my experience.

    Oh, and I have applied all the "fixes" the require reshaping the plastic followers. They helped, so I keep them for range sessions. But, carry them? No way!

    Many people just exchange their extended mags for an additional shorter one. This is true of both 9mm and .40 S&W PM series pistols. Kahr will usually exchange the magazine if you ask. That's probably the simplest solution.

    If you really want to make the extended mag work, make sure the spring is in correctly so that it holds up the nose of the follower and consider some of the techniques Greg describes in this thread: http://kahrtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1612 Note: There is a lot in this thread. Scan for magazine follower modifications.

    Best of luck, sir!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duchess View Post
    I'm female, 50, and just bought my first Kahr - a CM9 - to replace my Beretta Tomcat as conceal carry and BUG to my S&W M&P's. I wanted a 9mm as I'm fed up of the prices for 0.32 rounds , and also the extra stopping power of 9 mm over the 32 is nice .

    So now I have to rack the slide (the tomcat has a trick barrel to feed the first round, and a SA/DA trigger, so real easy for this old girl to use) and disassemble/reassemble for cleaning. I had the LGS guy take me through it a few times, and I did manage in the store - otherwise I would not have bought the gun - but wondering if you experienced Kahr guys have any suggestions to get me through the break-in period.

    Racking I can do, its more the strip and rebuild. Getting the slide lock lever out is the biggie - I don't have the strength to hold the slide in position while I get the lock pin out.

    Any suggestions ?


    The slide on the CM9 is awfully stiff. I found it helps to get a pair of snug gloves that have a grippy surface. This helps immensely in gripping and holding the slide while you push it back. It also reduces the chances of getting some skin pinched. In fact, I wear gloves when I'm shooting, because I find the jimping on the back of the grip is pretty punishing to my palm after just a few dozen rounds.

    You'll find everybody on this forum very helpful, so don't be afraid to ask questions. I have had several issues with my new CM9 and the folks here have been generous and patient in sharing advice.

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