Politics cause people to become very emotional and can therefor lead to "heated" discussions. That being said, this forum took a turn we didn't like and therefor we are still in "crackdown" mode. Yes, political stance can influence a politicians stance on gun control, etc etc etc...BUT for now, any posts in this forum need to be dealing DIRECTLY with gun control...not in some round about fashion.

Also, it needs to be mentioned that regardless of what is being said about the motivation behind a shooting this is not the forum to begin an argument about Race. Whether the Zimmerman shooting was viewed as racially motivated or not, it is a high profile case that is calling into question the RKBA. It's been taken there regardless of the real reason, and therefore is a moot point to discuss. In case this isn't clear DO NOT DISCUSS if ANY shooting is racially motivated, or really anything else dealing with race.