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Thread: Finally getting a Micro Eagle

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    I have a MDe and a CW 380. The MDE is easier to rack than the CW. It has a dual recoil system of very small diameter springs. The MDE is much less ammo sensitive. It eats everything while the CW is quite particular about what you feed it. The MDE is more reliable and I have more confidence in it. The sights are not as good as the CW's sights and the MDE does not lock open. The triggers are a toss up. I can shoot the MDE as well as the CW but given the MDE's reliability edge I think I will sell the CW and keep the MDE.

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    the mde and the czech kevin pistol look exactly alike. i have been told that the grips will fit not positive but there are many nice ones cheap overseas. all kinds of wood. i traded my mde before i tried other grips. nice gun but a lot heavier than i wanted in front pocket

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    It's only 14 oz isn't it, a few ounces more than a CW 380. But we are all different. I don't mind the extra weight and the smaller size is nice, as is the feeling that if you ever need it, the MDE will work. The CW, maybe yes, maybe no, not a good feeling.

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    ^^^ I'm with you twowheels. I'm perfectly confident in a MDE380.

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