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Thread: Kahr PM and CM Series Positive Feedback - Post Yours!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazcpa View Post
    Bought my CM9 about a month ago. My first impression was "wow, this gun is small". It's even smaller than my Ruger LC9, which is one of its closest competitors.

    Cleaned it, racked the slide 200 times, and left the slide locked back a couple of days before shooting. I have since shot approximately 400 rounds of various ammo: WWB, Federal, Blazer, and Speer Gold Dots with zero malfunctions from day one.

    I could never make the Ruger be a true pocket gun...especially in dress pants. It seemed to print too much, and was just slightly heavier than I would have liked. The CM9 carries in my front pocket as well as my S&W 642, and, unlike the 642, I can actually hit something with the Kahr

    The best part was I caught the gun on sale at Buds Gun Shop for $, Kahr had a free mag rebate. At that price, I couldn't pass it up.

    I am very pleased with this gun. It is the perfect pocket carry 9mm. I may pick up the CM45 if I catch it on sale.
    Congratulations! I got the same deal from Buds. 260 flawless rounds - so far so good.


    muggsy: Let's face it, being shot by a .380 will ruin anyone's day.

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    I've been pocket holster carrying my CM9 every day, almost all day. Today I took it to the range after carrying it for about a month, without inspecting it or cleaning it, or making sure that the cartridges were lined up right in the magazine. Pulling it out, I could see pocket lint stuck to it, especially in the trigger mechanism. Since it's summer, and it's been secreted in my pocket, exposed to sweat and the elements, I was pretty doubtful that it would chamber and fire after the first round.*
    Wouldn't you know it, it sent the whole magazine, and every one after that down range with perfect reliability.
    Good to know! After all that jostling in my pocket, etc, every bullet went to battery like a champ.*

    Bonus - my buddy brought along 3 Colts: a 1911 10mm, a 1911 45, and an AR15. The 10mm has a 5 inch barrel, and I learned how much difference a little extra sight radius can make with accuracy.
    Fun day at the range!

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    CW380 new, perfect after the first 100 rounds. Around 1400 now and no problem other than a broken striker. Replaced with Lakeland.
    PM9 used, perfect since I got it. Around 800 with no problems.

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    Picked up a new CM9 Saturday. Only had enough time to run 100 rds through it, performed flawlessly. Manufacturers recommended break in of 200 rds will be complete by the weekend. I expect a long relationship with this gun in my pocket.

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    I bought a CM9 from Bud's this summer when they had them for $259 and Kahr was offering a free magazine. I have now put the 200th round through it after four trips to the gun range.

    My experience? It is a very good shooting reliable concealed gun. It gets easier to breakdown and reassemble each time, probably as much from me figuring it out as the gun breaking in. I have not had a single FTF or FTE using 115 grain Federal and Perfecta range ammo and Hornady self-defense store-bought ammo. The one change I made from out of the box stock was adding a Hogue Handall Jr. grip sleeve I had bought for another little pistol and never used. The hard plastic stock grip was more textured than was comfortable for me, but with the Hogue it is perfect.

    Don't know how I could do much better when it comes to a small concealed 9mm. Would like to have more capacity, but that is always a trade off for size. If I was belt carrying I might go with my larger 9mm, but for pocket carry the Kahr is a great choice.

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    Sold my CW380 and bought a CM9...I have made some really bad choices in life, this was NOT one of them. The CW380 was a great pistol when I finally got it broken in after close to 700 rds still was a bear to hand rack, but cycled perfectly during actual firing. The CM9 is much better. Not much larger, but just enough to give me a better grip making it more accurate. Much better for longer range shooting on the steel target range...and lot cheaper to shoot with firing 9mm vice 380acp ammo....this equals more range time!!! Out of the box it was on the bulls eye requiring no break in, no problems. The mags did need some sharp edges broken down...they did work fine, just little rough on the fingers loading them. One problem is...... I might have to try a CW9 or a CT9 next!!!

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    I was watching a video no utube about the 10 Best 380 ACP guns, Kahr CW380 was #4, that should be a boost for Kahr Arms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark7mod0 View Post
    One problem is...... I might have to try a CW9 or a CT9 next!!!
    I love the size of the CW9/P9 pistols. My MK9 is softer shooting because of the added weight but for accuracy the 3.6 inch barrel and 3 finger grip make searching out those 10 rings with the CW9 much easier at distances past 15 yards.

    Get a CW9 you won't regret it!!!
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