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Thread: HR 218 qual today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogman View Post
    We do have to do the course in time, I just didn't look it up. The target most use here is the B-27. Even with my eyesight and nerve damage in my RH I'll still average 220 with my PM9. At one dept. I'll go shoot at, the range officer is a good friend and he is just amazed at how well my PM9 shoots when he shoots it.
    My PM9 got some attention from two of the range officers.
    One commented on how well it shot...not how well I shot with it.

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    One of the active duty Sgt's asked to see my PM9.

    I told him to go ahead and shoot a box of ammo ....... he did and said THANKS ALOT now you have cost me some money. I will be buying one of these soon.

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