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Thread: What pistol do you carry the most?

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    For a first post you said a keyboard full. Excellent on all counts.

    Welcome, glad you found us.!
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    I'll stick my little Sig P238 in my shorts pocket for a quick run to the store. Use a Desantis pocket holster. Most of the time it's a Walther PPS M2 in 9mm though. It's been flawless. Rides IWB in a Clinger Stingray. My CW45 is my truck gun. I still shoot better with it than the Walther.

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    EDC cm9 in the woods Glock 23 both IWB

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    I'm new to the forum, but not new to CC. My go everywhere gun is a NAA 22lr mini revolver, except of course Government buildings etc... MY usual carry gun is a S&W 9mm Shield in an Alien Gear IWB holster. MY new Kahr CT380 will be my BUG when it finally gets broken in and I find a holster that I like. I may carry the CT380 as my #1 on hot days where the Shield is tough to conceal, which is often in Southwest Florida! THe NAA will perhaps be my BUG for my BUG from time to time! I've carried it for 20 years now sometimes by itself but usually as BUG to the Shield. I would probably feel naked without it!

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    I've got a selection of guns.
    IMHO many relatively high end.
    But still working and required to wear business casual daily.
    I'm restricted to pocket/ankle carry.
    That reduces my options dramatically.
    Have several pistols what will work in that role.
    But mostly carry some of my least expensive - Ruger LC9s Pro or LCP Stainless.

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    I too, usually carry one of my less expensive pistols. Most of the time it's my CM45 if I can cover it. If not, it's a PM9 or LCP.

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