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I enjoy coming back to this thread. For me it has been almost exclusively Kahrs for a long time. Lately it's a P40. And when a slightly smaller gun helps to conceal: a PM9. You can conceal a P-series Kahr OWB under a t-shirt (with the right holster).

IMHO that's what Kahrs are all about: carry guns. It's why I switched to polymer Kahrs and sold my K40 and MK9. No regrets. The polymer guns are even thinner and lighter and carry just a little bit better.

There are probably better shooters out there. And less finicky guns for sure. And prettier guns. But a good-running, well-broken-in Kahr is a pleasure to carry.

^^^ Fanboy talk I know. But I think that's an honest assessment.
With ya...

I gravitated toward Kahr simply because I prefer small and light relative to caliber. My most frequent EDC is my PM9 in a kydex A1Holster pocket rig.

Next would be my PM45. I also have a PM40 but for whatever reason, the other two are preferred. PM45 is my favorite to shoot, love that darn thing.

Wish Kahr would've been inclined to develop a sleek double-stack ala the P365 though. Because if/when Sig irons out the bugs with that one, it just may relegate my beloved Kahrs to back-up status.