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Thread: Politics: a Reminder

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    Exclamation Politics: a Reminder


    Just a reminder that our policy on political posts is that they must be either RKBA related, or about anti-gun politicians. I feel that the later are fair game on any issue as their failure to support the Second Amendment is typically just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their lack of respect for the Constitution. Other political posts do not belong on the forum. The topics may be interesting, but it does not help the atmosphere here to have constant bickering. There are other places online for such discussion.

    Thank you!

    Chief Administrator

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    Thank you, John.

    I am an independent constitutional conservative who is involved in both Texas and national politics up to my eyeballs.

    Occasionally, I am tempted - and once or twice - succumbed to posting a reply to a political posting on KahrTalk. I wish I hadn't done so.

    Politics can easily become all-consuming and, at times, it has for me. I need time away from dealing with it.

    I wholeheartedly support your position regarding politics on KahrTalk.

    "Tolerance is a virtue of a man who has no convictions." - G.K. Chesterton

    “In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win.” – Ayn Rand

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    I love this place!
    NRA Life Member

    "Gunfighting is the American martial art"
    -Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

    COMMON SENSE isn't

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    Keep um straight John
    The only thing better than having all the guns and ammo you'd ever need would be being able to shoot it all off the back porch.

    Want to see what will be the end of our country as we know it???
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    We're fighting back in Colorao

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    But I like bickering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by man1nboat View Post
    We're fighting back in Colorado
    ...And have won a couple of big ones! Way to go!

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    John, I respect you and understand your position. However:
    I do not believe a 'Political Post' thread is appropriate at all on a manufacturer's sponsored site. It becomes divisive amonge the members and may put you on the wrong end with some of your customers, which may cost you sales in the long run.

    When the bad guy approaches me he is not interested in which political party I belong to. Be liberal or conservative, I believe Kahr (as a manufacturer) should stay on the low down.

    For myself; I no longer visit quite a few gun sites because of the ignorance and hate that spews from political discussions and views.

    Kahr's position as a manufacturer should be: No politics, no religion. Let's just be friends discussing the things that interest us the most: really cool firearms.

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    Kahr owns this website?
    A corrupt government tends to be well protected by a thin white line of bureaucracy.

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    I'll let JohnH address. I don't believe Kahr owns it but they do endorse and support it.

    With regards to politics we agreed for a long time that politics and religion, more politics than religion didn't belong here, just too volatile. But now days it's hard to mention the word gun, firearm or cauliflower without politics being involved. Thank you so much 47%ers.

    The thought was to try and contain it so folks that didn't want to deal with it would have the option of not going there. That's of course near impossible too.

    We do try to keep it involving gun related politics but some of the stuff they are pulling back there needs to be shouted to the world. PC is what is killing our country plain and simple.

    I don't like politics here myself but as mentioned it's damn hard to keep it out.
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