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Thread: Baby Eagle Pistol Jericho 941 9mm

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    Found a polymer version (used) at my local pawn shop. IMI markings. I say used but if it has ever been fired it wasn't for more than a mag. Rails and barrel show zero wear. Missing original mags. Put it on layaway. Oh and it's the compact. Must be in my collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsona View Post
    I've been contemplating getting a Jericho in 9mm. Would I be correct in presuming any reputable gun dealer could order one, as I've not seen any in store anywhere around here.

    I'd presume most dealers would either want a decent down-payment, or payment in full up-front.

    Try gun broker. They have lots of IWI Jericho's and BEII's. I haven't seen any BEIII's listed there yet. Last time I looked, Magnum Research was advertising the BEIII on the web site, but not listing it on the product page.

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