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Thread: CM9 with CT my story

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    Default Crimson Update

    Since my last post, I have made 3 trips to the range shooting 300 rounds with no problems at all with the laser. Switching out the ammo between Remington and difference. Could it be the laser somehow "settling" in ? I've not read or heard of this anywhere. I'm happy that this is working every time, but still in my mind problems don't fix themselves.

    It dawns on me that the last 4 range trips have been to a new range that opened about 2 miles from my house. Next trip I'll get a couple of boxes of federal and head to the range (25m) where this all started. On the way to the range I noticed that I forgot the Federal and picked up the Remington instead ( had not reproduced the problem with this ammo). But oh well not gonna go back will just get in some practice anyway.

    At the range, about 6 shots in it laser......with the Remington ammo even. I purposely cleaned the lens with a DRY q-tip really good and no laser. Then I used a Q-tip with some alcohol and that did it, back in business. Closer to the end of my 100 rounds I experienced a dim laser 1 more time but a quick swipe of the wet q-tip brought it right back.

    So my best guess is that a combination of the Laser Guard that fits my CM9 with its lens up closer to the barrel and poor ventilation combined to create my problem. Sorry if this was too long advice as follows....

    When using A Laser Guard at the range always carry Q-tips and'll be good to go.

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    Yes...the laser gets dirty and like the gun, it can be cleaned easily so that it is ready when you need it for SD. Check the batteries frequently and keep it clean. Like everything else, the laser is merely a good tool... not perfect, not infallible....just a good tool. You still have your sights to fall back on if it fails or if it is bright light. If needed at night/dim light situations, you will be glad you had that laser on your piece and that you kept it clean and batteries maintained.
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