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Thread: CTL Hesitation?

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    I have the CT Laser Grips on my K9. They are good for training. You can put the laser on the target and watch it go way the heck off as you jerk the trigger. I see a lot of that at the range... especially with the long gun .22's! So, pistols are even harder to hold on target. It really is a good training aid. I don't want the polymer pistol ones, though. They are UGLY and add awkwardness to gripping the pistol, especially if you don't want the danged things ON. Ever notice in a movie how you can see those from anywhere else in the area... leading back to the shooter! At least, that's more of a problem with the Laser Grip models... illumination of your trigger finger and the right side of the pistol... or being blocked by your trigger finger along the frame!

    Yes, they could be helpful for firing from the hip as you dive for cover... maybe... if you aren't yanking the trigger too much. Adrenalin rush and heat of "battle" don't make you the best trigger "squeezer" and Murphy can be counted on to "help" you.

    All that said, my night-sighted and laser-gripped K9 is my TV chair at-hand weapon for night confrontations. If I have time, I'll grab my "battle pistol" XD45 with HD NS and 13+1 + a whole bunch of 13-round mags... and a "tactical light".

    I just don't like them, but others may. Just train with what you carry and make sure everything works.

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    I have a CTL laser on my PM9. Can't say I have used the CTL much as it has malfunctioned. It works for about the first seven rounds and then dims. I live close to CTL headquarters so I went by with the laser. They checked it out and determined the batteries they provided were from a defective lot. CTL replaced the battery, cleaned the lens and asked me to give it another try. Haven't been out to the range to test yet. .........Testimonies on CTL’s website speak of how people "thwart danger" with their CTL. They tell of situations where the use of CTLs have deescalated potentially life threatening situations by the simple placement of the laser dot on an adversaries chest. I believe anything a person can do to avoid the use of lethal force makes it a good day for everybody (except maybe for the attorneys).......... Practicing and being proficient with your firearm's original sighting equipment is just smart. Depending solely on battery operated sighting equipment has a huge down side.

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    Just installed a CTL on my K40 yesterday. Haven't gotten a chance to shoot as of yet. Had to tweak the laser to my sights and will probably have to tweak them when I get around to shooting. I plan on bench sighting the laser to make sure the POI is where the little dot is.

    I do like the stock grips better but we'll see how things go after a few rounds.

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    Gary, sorry I never answered your question, but that M&P Pro is one of my favorites. I love the trigger on it, you take up the slack, then it breaks almost as cleanly as a single action pistol. No problems with it at all. It's been a nice gun. I bit long to conceal, but I have others for that. Makes a nice home defense pistol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyranha View Post
    What video are you referring to? I'm about to purchase a Kahr, just struggling with the decision if I want the factory laser option or not.
    Go to Crimson Trace. They offer videos for free. Watch it and you will be convinced.
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