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Thread: Is the K9 one of the best?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rx7sig View Post
    Thanks, @I_Like_Turtles. I am still relatively new at this, still trying to figure things out. I purchased my first pistol about three years ago, and my K9 about a a year and a half after that. What I described above seems to work for me, since I seem to be improving. One more thing: My "practice" ammo is my carry ammo (124 gr. Speer GD +P), so I am usually shooting the "real" stuff.

    I do have some 115 gr. and 124 gr. Federal AE FMJ that I use, for now, whenever I am practicing one-handed or with my weak hand. I'll probably cease using this AE altogether sometime this summer once I get a bit more consistent.

    That's good. I have fired off a lot of the ammo that I carry----the "practice with what you carry" mentality. However, it does get expensive. So what I started doing was testing a variety of FMJ (practice) rounds until I found one that hit to the same point-of-aim as my carry load. Now my carry loads I do the same testing with. I'll choose those that do well in either real-world use or in gel and then put that through reliability testing, accuracy, and point-of-aim tests.

    I desire rounds that hit dead on with my sights or slightly high.

    So what I end up with is a cheap practice load that hits right where my carry loads hit. Since I don't reload, that can be a lot of testing.

    So far, testing is complete for 4 of my carry revolvers plus all of my father's fixed sight home defense revolvers. I had just begun testing of both defensive and practice ammo in my carry semi autos, starting off with the Kahr P9 Covert, but then the virus arrived and I stopped going to the indoor gun range.

    Since last August, that's been nearly 3000 rounds of .38 Special, 9mm Parabellum, and .45 ACP fired, split about evenly between FMJ and carry rounds.

    Pre virus, I was shooting 50 to 300 rounds every week, two-hand, one-hand, one-handed-weak hand.

    You keep up your training regimen....we need to be at our absolute best plus it's fun.

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    I have probably a half dozen or a dozen Kahrs. My favorite is the K9.

    In this awful market I lucked into a 2nd K9 today. Used but appears 99% condition, original serial number box and 3 mags. Only $500!

    (Tried to upload pic but cannot figure it out. )

    For a single stack carry gun it's honestly one of the best in my inventory. (Competitive with P9, Walther PPS, SW Shield. )

    I normally carry 4 inch double stacks of the SigP229, CZ75 PCR, HK USPc, Glock23 type...

    But when I need a BUG or discrete carry the Kahrs are a excellent pick.

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