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Thread: Wow - Kusiak Holster for CM9

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFootin View Post
    Thanks, Yogi! Yeah, it has been frustrating trying to find the right holster to carry my CM9 AIWB. So, I'm delighted!

    Funny, though. When I tried it at 8:00, it was immediately very uncomfortable. Each of us is built differently. I have a spare tire that must not have liked it there. No biggie because I have my PJ that works perfectly in that location!
    PJHolster & Kusiak...Best of both worlds for ya! Enjoy!
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    I've had one of the Kusiak holsters on order since March 3rd and it still hasn't shipped. I would have to say that customer service is terrible from these people. They said they had a lot of orders but It's been almost a month wait already when they said it would be 10-15 days. On top of that I got a shipment notification from paypal on March 14th but they say it hasn't shipped. Why print a shipping label if you aren't planning on shipping the holster????

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    I just ordered one of these for my new PM. Hopefully I have a better experience. I am looking forward to getting it.

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    Reviving a very old thread here but I just have to because I'm so darn impressed.

    I carried AIWB with my Ruger SPNY for 20 years but I haven't been able to do so comfortably with my PM9 or PM40. Just haven't found the right rig. Noting that the shape of the Kusiak holster is very similar to the shape of the cheap yet extremely comfortable nylon Assault Systems holster for my Ruger, I figured what the heck?

    The holster shipped the very next day after my ordering and I received it a few days after that. It's only been a couple of days but FINALLY, I can comfortably carry AIWB again. Thin, comfortable, unique design, well made. It's like a minimalist design yet still retains great functionality.

    I am absolutely gonna order another for my PM45 that is on the way to me. Only decision now is whether or not to opt for the tuckable version. Excellent holster!

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