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Thread: Need help with a decision.

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    If you want to shoot IDPA for the game, then run a G34. If you want to shoot what you carry, then run your CW9 (in my case) but don't expect to smoke the guys running G34's. It's all about what you want to get out of the match. I ran an IDPA club for 7 years, and shot a G21, G26, G19, G17 and G34. For me, the challenge is to run the CW9.

    For example, even though it is not required to shoot the IDPA classifier from concealment, I can run my G17/G34 into the 90's from an IWB holster at 4 o'clock position, but the best I have done with my CW9, from an appendix IWB, is in the 130s.

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    If you need one gun to do all that's one thing. I personally think that almost any Kahr is a better gun than the Glock. If you really want to do the IDPA thing, I would suggest keeping your Kahr for carry/protection and save your money and get something like an STI Spartan or Trojan which will give you a very nice competition gun with a nice short trigger reset.

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    I'd also check out the M&P Pro, I hear it's doing a pretty good job on the IDPA circuit.
    I like the trigger, fiber optic front sight, and overall feel of it over the G34. And it comes with 3 interchangeble backstraps to help fit the gun to your hand.
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    Where's my precious Melissa? She's been doing this IDPA stuff and should have a handle on what the limitations and downfalls might be.

    I concur with what I've seen so far that the trigger and low capacity would be a detriment if you want to compete with high scores. If you want good practice another story.
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    FWIW, a number of shooters at my club are dragging out their revolvers for IDPA and leaving their pistols at home or for carry only. That way they keep their trigger control sharp for their DOA pistols without burning through 9mm, 40, or 45 ammo that is in short supply.
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    I understand your situation cuz "I was there"(Elmer Keith); I used to EDC a G36 IWB, got stupid and sold it,replaced it with a G19, which I started to used in IDPA, CCP DIV.

    when IDPA formalized BUG DIV., I started using my CM9 as my EDC/Competition gun. it is a challenge, but I see progress, and by shooting BUG DIV. I compete against other BUGs, 3"" or shorter barrels, so don't feel like I'm spanked by anyone, nor do I feel capacity handicapped because it's 6rds.max in the gun,3 reloads of 6 on the belt for everyone in this Div. just practice and you'll get used to the trigger.

    CM9 became my EDC because it gave me more flexibility carrying and more comfortable.


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