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Thread: Your new Thompson and stick magazines

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    Default Your new Thompson and stick magazines

    Okay, you've finally gotten a Tommygun and discovered that new Kahr built guns need to either modify your magazines or your catch. Here are the Pros and Cons of both:
    1. If you modify the mags by opening up the catch hole, this eliminates the ability to use them in full auto guns, if you ever hope to own one.
    2. The mag mod is permanent, once metal is removed, it is gone forever. You cannot return the mags to premodification state.
    3. If you modify the mag catch, you can use any of the still plentiful mags that are available. However, you may void the warranty on your gun, so buy an extra one to modify.
    4. You can usually swap with other owners to get whichever style you need.

    I have a good collection of modified mags right now, so I am not going to mod any more, but if I were starting out fresh I would do the mag catch mod instead of the cutting on original magazines.
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    I went with the catch modification on my T1D50B. I have the 50 round drum and 5 20 round mags purchased from At The Front.

    I enjoy trips to the range, I just there was more interest in the AZSA in this area.


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    I modded a few mags but then did the catch mod and that's really to me the way to go. I ordered two new one and worked one over. I didn't want to take the chance of messing one up and being without.

    I got it to good enough stage and left it, then later on after a few mags didn't want to lock in worked on it some more. Now everything locks in perfectly. Very fine line between almost and perfect.

    I still need a decent range time to test them all to confirm but I think we're good to go.

    It was a little intimidating but the catch is pretty easily replaced and you don't need to rob a bank to buy one. The little catch spring I found was a real bugger to switch over, think that was the toughest part of the whole deal.

    I'd like another sack full of mags too, never can have too many.
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    Is there anywhere that details the changes to the mags? I'm having some failure to feed issues, but not sure if the fixes are for my issue or not.

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