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Thread: New PM45 owner

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    Had an extremely long.....500 round "breakin period" with works great!

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    The bevel is only there for the first round and an open slide. Its there to help insure that the round is placed in front of, and not under the breech face. Thats all it does. Not all pistols need the bevel. Even without the bevel, proper magazine insertion will make sure the round is placed properly.

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    After A LOT of prepping (cleaning, polishing, hand racking, beveling!), I finally went to the range. I shot close to 80 rounds WWB, only one FTF, and I know it was definitely my fault. I felt myself limp wristing it that time. I am extremely happy and satisfied with my pm45, all that hard work prepping the sh!t out of it really paid off. Cant wait to shoot a couple hundred fmjs and maybe a box of hst and start carrying it.

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    They are great little pistols, but sometimes they need a little help... like the bevel they missed at the factory. I'm glad that you got yours working okay. It's a powerful little pistol. I carry the K725G... 7-round extended grip magazines for reload/spare, but keep the 5-rounder in the pistol for concealed carry. I do that for all of my Kahrs... carry the "hi-cap" mags.

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