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Thread: Are PJ mag holders just as good?

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    Default Are PJ mag holders just as good?

    Are paul's mag carriers just as good as his holsters?

    I'm thinking about an IWB. one for the CW9 and i cannot find very many pictures of them

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    Yes, they are; lightweight, easy on and off, and a bargain for the price. I want to attach a picture, but the site won't let me.

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    I ordered one, it was not a good fit for my belt so I sent it back and he fixed it. I don't like that it doesn't have any sort of body shield but typically I use it OWB when around the house or not using a pocket mag holder.

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    i have 3 pj holsters. all are iwb. one is for my glock 27 and two for my cm9. imho they are top tier holsters. they are amazingly thin and have good retention. they require very little care. paul will work with you on features for your holster. i wanted a full sweat shield and a covered magazine button. i live in south carolina. summer here is really warm and humid. if you are outside you are going to sweat a lot. the pj keeps that sweat off your gun. i really like leather holsters but i have soaked one in a very short time outside in the summer.

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