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Thread: Shipping; over the top! Kahr parts sales

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    Quote Originally Posted by hangdog View Post
    Your comments,
    I really wish that I had got on with the USPS gov. stuff back in the 70's.
    I'd be in a lot better shape in may ways today. Construction prostitute was my lot, carpenter...everyday was like being in a race.
    Me too. I fought the wall and the wall won!

    Race is the key word. A nail belt brought out the hustle in me.!
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    Default What a hoot!

    Quote Originally Posted by jocko View Post
    some places ship maybe one way, ups, fed X or what ever.Buy enough when u do it once and it will help alot to offset postage... Probably by the time an order gets into kahr or Ruger or where ever and it is processed etc,and then somel azy ass rocksucker finds the parts and the nwalks over to the box bin and puts the parts in the box and wrappes it and then some nutter lazy ass addresses it, we have now taken a half hour + of labors time,so add that up and u get what seems to be a high postage expense when maybe indeed it is also plus labor, and materials etc. Now me if I ship a part to someone, I just look in my neighbors trash bag before trash pickup ad find a nice unsmelley box and some old unused a$$wipe and wrap the parts up in the box and throw some tape over it and address it with my wifes lipstick bar in blood red, so so far I have no labor, or materal involved. Then on my way to coffee I drop it off at the pist office and pay them $5 to ship the part to u and a week later u get the package, dripping in now thawed raw spoiled fish that i didn't know was in that box when I wraped ur new tie and ur wifes new blouse u had ordered for Easter weekend. Just sayin U want cheap, I can do that.
    Re: my prior response to this response. Sincerely sorry, no intended harm or insult. I honestly enjoy your wiriting style;...makes me think, probably good exercize! Carried away with the humor, however "excuses" don't count for much. Be well.

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    Default that spring..

    got my stuff today. No parts numbers on the packages to help me verify correctness. Boy; that new recoil spring is like 5 inches long (1995 K9), gonna be a challenge to compress it into place.
    Old, Jan 1995 (2nd-3rd hand) pristine K9 w/existing spring functioning fantastic with standard pressure stuff. "If it ain't broke" may apply? See no physical indications of wear or anything being hammered so?

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    count the coils on each, they should be the same..
    . My PM9 has over 34,000+ rounds through it, and runs much better than an illegal trying to get across our border



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    When I replaced the spring in my K9 the first 2 times I tried I launched it across the room. Once it's in, go shoot it and it will take a set pretty quickly.
    After a couple hundred rounds it will be as easy as the old one to install.

    Sold all my guns. I dislike firearms.
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    That notch in the rail is supposed to be there

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    Quote Originally Posted by hangdog View Post
    Just a few small parts coming specifically from Kahr Co.
    Fedex only option listed, but I could upgrade delivery time for even more $. Sure, I need to factor in something for handling by Kahr, ok.

    I'm sorry but; $10.50 shipping, for 1 set of grips, 4 little screws and a spring? Barely a handful. Would fit nicely into one of those video tape sized USPS priority boxes and been here in 2-3 days for about $5.25.
    Maybe it's coming in a 2' X 2' box. Who knows? It's not like it's anything important, it's the rampant stupidty so prevelant today. Everything is just going too fast and when S--t falls off the truck, who cares.

    And about that tracking; what good is it....shipped last Friday, last update Saturday from same state. I suppose I will see it before Fedex lets me know that it has even left the depot down the road from Kahr. Cost savings measures for Fedex and Kahr, or simply just another profit option.

    I'm getting old and more cross by the day. What phase is the moon in anyway? :+)
    I have learned, common sense is not that common. Bring back the horse and buggy!

    I went back to the Kahr site and ran a few more items all the way to checkout...same story. Fedex only option. Whaaaa! :+0

    Just waitin' for that next asteroid/meteorite! It was good enough for the dinosaurs!
    The older you get the faster time passes by. Our problem is that we expect the same kind of service that we gave. I was taught to under promise and over deliver. I guess that philosophy has gone out the window. What we have today is a philosophy of when I get around to it if at all. I'm going to check to see which side of the bed I got out of now. I seem a little grumpy, too.
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