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Thread: Let's see some EDC set-ups!

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    Mine, Shield 40 using Northstar holster's tuckable IWB [ ]:

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    At work or no?
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    i really like these threads...
    I hate being bi-polar, its awsome!

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    Well, I'm just starting to carry again, so this is my first attempt to gear up. I'm on a low budget so I have to start small. My CW40 with the GripHugger rubber slip on grip, an inexpensive leather holster from ebay, and two spare seven round magazines. I've had that Kobaton since the early 80s. And I just picked up the Smith&Wesson knife at a NAPA store, it was under $20. I'm learning about knives so I thought this would be a good first (tactical) one. It's cheap materials (quite heavy) but sturdy and has many "tactical" features. I figure I can learn some basic handling skills, then move up to something better, like a Kershaw Blur, or a Benchmade Griptilion, maybe the Spyderco Tenacious.
    I'm leaning towards AIWB and will probably be looking for a better holster soon (some nice ones in here). I haven't decided on how to carry the mags on my self yet. What's a good mag case (cheap)? I have a small camera case, I keep a sack full of loose rounds in it and there's room for the mags too. There's a pocket on it and I have a small flashlight and a Swiss army knife in there. That's in the center console of my truck, I can attach the whole case to my belt if I feel the need.
    And finally, I hate carrying a billfold, mine stays in my truck. I thought about just slipping my license, permit, and credit cards in my phone case, any ideas on that?
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    I've apparently found what works for me since I've pretty much stuck with this set up for a few years now.

    Only thing I've added is this for when I go to town.

    And I throw this in if I'm suspecting trouble.

    I don't go out much.!
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    Default Let's see some EDC set-ups!

    I try to carry light. A G26 carried IWB in a Raven Phantom kydex holster, a 17 rd reload in a Raven mag holster, a FourSevens Preon 2 light, Spyderco Delica 4, my phone, keys, and my plastic/cash wrapped in a rubber band. The rest of life's necessities I keep in a go bag in my trunk, including a 33 round Glock mag, just in case 30 rounds aren't enough.
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    2 P9's one IWB and one in the pocket. Custom Beardog leather 4-mag holder (different pocket), Protech Flyfather. Swapped out for a Gerber Mini Covert outside of home, office, or car (rarely outside one of these). At work a smart carry and one P9 plus 2 mags hide well instead.

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    Default Let's see some EDC set-ups!

    M&P 45 in Alien Gear IWB holster
    Spare Mag and Maglight MagTac flashlight in X-Concealment combo holder.
    Gerber EZ out folder
    St Christopher charm on SS chain (couldn't hurt)
    Watch, wallet, keys ( guitar pick not shown )
    All held up by a Daltech Force bull Belt with stiffener.

    Edit: And tomorrow I get to add my CM9 onto my permit!

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    Resurrected from the dead.
    It's my day off, so I'm doing the "honey do errands" today so this is what's coming with.
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    Kahr MK9 with spare 7rd mag
    Sticky holster
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    This is it most days. My trusty CM9 in a leather OWB holster that I cut the top flap off, lol, and an 8 round back up mag in my weak side front pocket. Sometimes I pocket carry in a Desantis Nemesis in the summer.

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