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Thread: WTS DFW TX FTF 400 rds Silver Bear 7.62x39 125g SP

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    Default WTS DFW TX FTF 400 rds Silver Bear 7.62x39 125g SP

    Found this in my closet next to my FMJ stuff.

    The range next to my house hasnt allowed anything 30cal or over in about a year, and when they did it was only for SP ammo. So that's why i have this.

    Even if they allow it again, with ammo prices, i really just need cash

    Saw this online in stock for $12.95/box of 20 + shipping

    i'll do $70 for 200 rounds (10 boxes)
    or all 400 for $130

    Face to face's ridiculous trying to ship this stuff.

    IM only or email at kosherfried at hotmail dot com

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    Realized my pricing may be too high.

    $100 for 200 or $185 for 400

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    Man no one wants this stuff at like $8/box?

    That's $160 for 400

    Will trade for. 999 silver as wel

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    Silver or cash my friends :-)

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    Still got it. Still taking silver. But how bout $130?

    Yiu gotta come get it, though

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