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Thread: 2013 AZSA World Championships - Labor Day Weekend

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    Default 2013 AZSA World Championships - Labor Day Weekend

    The 2013 AZSA World Championships of Gangster Action Shooting will again be over the Labor Day Weekend with the 1st Precinct at the Colorado Rifle Club in Byers, CO. Side Matches will be Friday Aug. 30th. Main Match Capers will be Saturday Aug. 31st. and Sunday Sept. 1st. Please don't make your return reservations Sunday afternoon as we’ll be shooting Capers into the afternoon.

    We hope to see all the usual suspects and meet some new mugs as well.

    We had nothing to do with Colorado’s new gun laws; in fact we’re all working hard to get rid of the crooked bums in the state house who forced them on us. We hope you’re still willing to come and shoot with your friends. Colorado has no laws that address so called “Assault Weapons” only magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. You can still bring your magazines into the state as long as you owned them before July 1st and don’t transfer them to anyone while you’re here. If you’d rather not bring magazines into the state we understand, we have magazines we can loan to you when you’re on the range shooting the match. More information is contained in other posts.

    Match Flyer/Application will be posted soon at:

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    I’ve posted a link to the updated match flyer.

    The sponsors are rolling in again this year. We’re going to have some nice prizes on the table for our shooters.

    This year please don’t plan on flying out of Denver too early on Sunday afternoon the match awards won’t finish up until about 2 PM. Please plan accordingly so you can pick up your trophies and prizes.

    If you want to use one of our Thompson magazines please let me know so we can get things set up. I only have one of the new style 30 round stick mags but we’ve had good luck getting the older commercial and surplus mags to work in the newer Tommies.

    Don’t forget we have a limited number of trailer pads with electric hook ups available on the range if you’re bringing your camper.

    Our 2013 sponsors currently include.

    Auto Ordnance

    Slickbald Custom Leather

    Mernickle Holsters

    D Bar J Hat Company

    Tuffy Security Products

    Chey Cast Bullets

    Redwing Trading Co.

    Run N Iron Customizing

    Rim Rock Bullets

    American Handgunner

    Aspen Filly’s Engraving

    Gun’s Magazine


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