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Thread: CM40 front night sight wobble

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    Quote Originally Posted by scosgt View Post
    As I posted above, I installed the Kahr (Tirjicon) night sights on the CM40.
    Took it to the range.
    The front sight was installed as per instructions:
    Red Locktite in the threaded (rear) hole. Hand tightened. Allowed to cure 24 hours.

    So, the thing I notice is that there is a slight wobble in the FRONT of the front sight - the rear of the sight is held by the screw, and is quite solid. The screw is in there real good, not loose at all.

    But in the front area, where the second "tube" is located, there is a small amount of lateral movement. This does not seem right, yet the front tube is not fastened in any way.

    The sight did not come flying out, and did not get any "looser". This appears simply to be the "play" in the hole between the stud and the hole.

    Any ideas how to make this more solid? This may simply be a design issue that can not be cured.

    I am tempted to try to stake it using a punch, but probably will do more damage than good.
    If your competent in its use, I think that a staking tool might just do the job. Just go slow and don't get carried away with it.
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    By Jove, the loctite 609 "may" have worked.
    Put in a couple of drops an hour and a half ago. It actually wicked right down the to the area where the site and slide meet (the area between the posts).
    You can see it around the edges of the sight.
    After an hour or so, no wobble. But it takes 24 hours to cure, then we will see how it does shooting. This may have worked.

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    Ahhhhh, Better life through chemistry...Good to hear!!!...FYI whatever ole GB (Greg) says to do, do it...Greg has forgotton more stuff about guns than most everyone here put together will ever know....The guy knows his stuff!!!

    Another value added bonus to your KahrTalk membership!!!

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    The proof will be in the shooting. The wobble was side to side, the stress in recoil is more front to back and up and down, so hopefully it is cured.

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