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Thread: IDPA Holster & Mag Carrier for a CM9

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    Default IDPA Holster & Mag Carrier for a CM9

    I am thinking about trying IDPA (SSP) with my CM9. The combination of old, slow and a short barreled pistol is not a recipe for being competitive, but that is not important; I am only interested in improving my skills with my EDC equipment. IN MY OPINION, 8-3/4" long / 43 ounce (+ magazine & ammunition!) pistols are not even vaguely suitable for "concealed" carry, but that is another discussion.

    Any holster recommendations? I want something suitable for EDC, but it needs to be IDPA legal. I am not interested in IWB.

    Anyone know where to find a TRIPLE carrier for 9mm single-stack magazines? The IDPA magazine capacity rules pretty much force the use of 7-round magazines (1 in the pistol and 3 on the belt for a total of 29 rounds) for a CM9. The use of 6-round or 8-round magazines would mean starting a stage with only 25 total rounds (either 4x6+1 or 3x8+1). The full-size pistol shooters get 31 rounds (3x10+1).

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    Default IDPA Holster & Mag Carrier for a CM9

    Check my mluikey and see if he will build you a custom kydex mag holster

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    first let me offer a couple suggestions; CM9s will not be competitive in SSP, enter BUG where you compete against comparable guns to see how you compare; you can use four 7rd. mags,three on belt one in the gun(good for full grip) but you can only have 6 in the mags and 6rds. TOTAL in the gun, no barneys allowed.
    most IDPA stages are 18 rds. or less; you have 24 rds. to complete a 18 rd. stage.

    I made mag pouches from nylon knife pouches, cut off tops (IDPA legal).I've shot IDPA since 2005 and am a S.O. and feel confident info is correct. hope you enjoy IDPA.


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