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Yea, tell me about it. It was like one of those despair.com posters when I stepped out of the car, got to the safe area and opened up my bag to find tons of CZ mags, loaded, ready to go, and no CZ pistol. I almost got back in the car and headed for home I was so disgusted.
That brings back memories of a good friend. He worked private security. They qualified annually and the range was quite a drive from where we lived. He had always wanted to try out my S&W Model 60, so he asked to take it with him to shoot after qualifying. I didn't mind, so he picked it and a box of .357 up on qual day. You've probably guessed by now that when he got to the range he discovered that he'd left his duty piece (S&W5906) at home. He ended up qualifying with that little snubbie, but bitched about his hands hurting. Turns out it didn't occur to him to use .38 Special in it so he had just bought more .357 for the course he was shooting.
I don't remember him ever asking to borrow the Model 60 again.
Thanks for bringing that episode to mind again