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Thread: Bicycle Carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by I_Like_Turtles View Post
    I won't road bike around here, too many rednecks that hate bicyclists and too narrow of roads. A friend that takes "road biking" rather seriously as in "rents car, drives 1000 miles, rides bike back home camping out along the way," just bought a Taurus Tracker with 6 inch barrel to mount to his bike frame.

    I'm not a fan of guns mounted to anything, other than my body.

    When I have biked in large parking lots during last spring, I carried my Kahr CW 45 in thumb break holster. I wore a reflective vest which covered most of the holster.

    Geez I thought this was you.
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    Thanks for the compliment. That guys looks pretty fit.

    I'm much more practical when it comes to open carry.

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    Why would you carry a bicycle instead of riding it? Just a belt with a holster over trunks and a Tee shirt over it.

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