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Thread: Kahr Fans in Las Vegas, NV.

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    Default Kahr Fans in Las Vegas, NV.

    Is there anyone else in the Las Vegas area who owns a Kahr? Do you have a reliable gun smith(Kahr Mechanic) you take your Kahr to?
    Lets go punch holes in some paper!

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    I am from Vegas and have a Kahr cm9
    I just had the guys at Brentwood gunsmith's in henderson fix a problem that kahr tried to but it was still never fixed right......they did it while I waited and didn't charge me.

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    Details! We need details. What did your gunsmith fix that the Kahr gunsmiths couldn't fix and how did they fix it? A curious mind wants to know.
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    That's the home of the new gun range in Henderson. Didn't know they had an in house machine shop and gunsmith.
    What repairs did they do?
    Seems like a lot of us Kahr owners end up having to diagnose and repair our guns.

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    Hey Robert,

    Brentwood gunsmith is located inside the long mountain outfitters gun store in Henderson they do good work. Long mountain outfitters has the most machine guns in the Westcoast a little FYI for members outside of the Vegas area. I once took them a S&W 686 with a suspected crack in the steel frame, they cleaned the spot with a mild acid, examined the area with a microscope and handed it back to me with a clean bill of health for no charge. I would not hesitate to have them work on a problem gun of mine.

    I just picked up a PM9 and it is problem free just like my CW9 is so Kahr still making a great product according to my experience.

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    I had a magazine dropping issue, no matter how much I pressed the release button it would not drop. Kahr worked on the gun and told me it was fine, but the mag would not release with my right hand, had to use the other and push hard. What Brentwood did was simple, the polymer around the button was too high, they ground it down near the back of the button and Voila! It worked. The new range in henderson is very close by and it is great. Green Valley Range. Brand new, good pricing, I am a club member that I paid a fee of 795.00 for a year and it includes,

    -Unlimited Range Use during normal business hours
    -6 Guest Passes per year for Range and Club
    -CCW / Renewal
    -1 Free Machine Gun / Gun package per year
    -Monthly tactical and skill builder classes with guest instructors
    -Weekly and monthly member events
    -Preferred lane use on public range when club range not available
    -Trial of new firearm of the month
    -25% off club event rental
    -Double Pistol Case $24.99 value
    -Green Valley Range T-Shirt $15.00 value
    -10% Discount on retail items (ammo not included)

    the people are super as well.
    The monthly classes are worth the cost of the yearly fee,

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    Proud owner of a Kahr MK9 in Las Vegas.

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