not sure whatu call a loose chamber is gonna fokk up ur accuracy. Once that bullet hits the rifly and barrel it should straighten out like it is supposed to. Look at any mli8taryt 1911, that chamber is normally loose as a goose. I don't forsee this as an accuracy issue. What I do see is that mayb eu need some more range time with your kahr. They ain't a glock, their trigger system is totally different as u have foundout. It is loooong by design. certainly if you read moe on this forum ur gonna fin d out (I think) that ur groups are as good as anyone else here and it will get better as you get use dto the trigger system of a kahr. They ain't target guns,. Oh yes they will shoot um in the same hole, its just that98% of trhe shooters can't do it. If u ever shoot a wheelgun double action, I feel the accuracy withtem is about what ur gonna get with a kahr.. U never stated what u paid for this used gun either, so if it was within 50-100$ of a new gun, then maybe u outta buy new and at leat get a 5 year warranty on it. In my own mind, I don't think here is a thing wrong with your kahr. but most here will tell you my mind is shot to hell.

I use my self as an example, but I am a horrible shot, it takes a good gun with a dynamite trigger system for me to shoot good. I shoot all of my 3 kahrs terrible, but at 7 yards I feel 99% sure I am gonna put some rounds in a BG when needed. not sure where. I am just not a good loooong trigger shooter, but I ain't gonna blame my kahrs for my poor groups. If my guns could talekthey would beg me to not shoot them. Just sayin