Help with Customizing MK40

I just bought a M4043 (MK40). I plan on customizing this gun quite a bit.

I want to:

-Debur the edges, polish the feed ramp and funnel the mag well (might do this myself?)
-Magnaport it (Magnaport)
-Checker/stipple the front strap (?)
-Blacken the Stainless/smooth action/NP3 internals (Robar)
-Novak Tritiums (Kahr?)
-AND... Put on a set of thin Rosewood Laminate Wood Grips.

I'm in Afghanistan right now but the pistol will be waiting for me at a local gun shop when I get home on June 1st and I want to get it sent off for the work while I'm gone during July/August. I bought it on

Any help on who to do it and how to get this done would be much appreciated.