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Thread: K9 vs MK9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flieger View Post
    Thanks to all for your help ~ I think my post was not clear, I really want them both.
    IMHO you should buy both. That was easy.
    Judging by today's left wing, looks like Senator Joe McCarthy was right after all.

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    I just ordered a stainless K9 w/night sights from Bud's gun shop.... Looking forward in getting it as I keep hearing so many good things about it.

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    I own a MK40 Elite and rented a K40.
    Both great guns.
    But if I could turn back time?
    Would switch to a K40/K9 Elite.

    IMHO the MK gun are too heavy for pocket carry.
    On a belt? Why not have the extra capacity and grip?
    Also my MK is the hardest to rack semi auto I've got.
    The K series seems easier to rack and take down to me.


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    I have the MK9 Elite and going to add a K9 to the family. I do have the CW9 and the accuracy of that pistol amazes me. I am a certified NRA as well as a USCCA Training Counselor as well as a Glock armorer. The CW is 10 years old and I cannot begin to count how many rounds it has fired. I do routine maintenance and changed the guide rod spring,but that is it. the CW point much better than the Glock 43 and felt recoil is milder with the same load. Now I said all that to say this. The MK9 is a true jewel to shoot. Negligible recoil and a good heft in the hand that you do not get with your polymer pistols. The balance is excellent and once again you get a natural point with either gun that you do not get with the Glock. I am not bashing Glock, just saying what works for me.

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