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Thread: IDPA with a 380

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    Quote Originally Posted by tc scout View Post
    I would look at a full size M&P9, I think you will find the slide to be much easier to operate than the BG and a lot more enjoyable shooting IDPA.
    I have been shooting IDPA for a few years with a stock M&P Pro9, works great. Now and then I take the Glock 23 for a little added adventure and practice.
    Regardless, I think your wife will enjoy it, its a fun event with a lot of nice shooters. Our club runs an informal IDPA that draws over 250 shooters once a month.
    Good Luck, Enjoy

    She is just not getting into handgun that much to justify the purchase. Although I agree that this particular gun would be ideal for her. I have the M&P Pro40 and it is my IDPA gun. Although I am very competitive (at most anything), I use IDPA for training more than for competition. I guess I am competing with myself while I am shooting....always trying to improve my skills. I frequently bring the PM40 to shoot IDPA, because this is what I carry. My scores drop from my scores with the M&P Pro, but that stands to reason. However, my skills with the PM continue to improve because I learn from the M&P and practice those learned skills with the PM. I would not say that the M&P is any more enjoyable, unless focusing on the scores. To me the scores are only a barometer and I don't take them all that seriously. Besides, we all have good and bad days anyway, so scores are only there as a measure.

    BTW, I am noticing more BG's appearing at the IDPA shoots for the same reason. Folks are wanting more practice with their smaller carry guns. IDPA allows this kind of transition, is great training and lots of fun.
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    It's great that you have a good club that will work with you.. one of our local clubs even lets children/women shoot with a 22 if needed. It's not like they are going to win anything anyway. but it's a blast and gets peopl intothe sport.

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    FYI, the rules have changed since last year (2015) .380s are welcome in BUG.


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