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I am a "new" Kahr owner and new to this forum. I recently purchased a CW380. Not sure how to explain the issue very well but I'll try. When the pistol has been dry fired the slide sits on the frame nice and tight( in other words when you try to rack it there is good recoil spring tension)...however as soon as you rack the slide, it can easily be pushed up to a 1/4in towards the rear (pulling the trigger at this point pops the slide back forward again...) it seems like a weak spring or something. I noticed this before ever firing the gun. I took it back and they said everything was normal. I have owned several auto pistols and have never seen one operate in this manner. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
many rounds have u through the gun???? More rounds smoother everything get. anutter thing, don't try to produce scenarios that is not going to be n real life. I think u just need more rounds. Just sayin

sound slike u have not even fired it yet.....