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Thread: Conceal Carry Vest option

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    Default Conceal Carry Vest option

    From time to time I consider a conceal carry vest for competition and perhaps occasional casual wear. I'm always looking at options. I found a decent looking light weight vest from that has back ventilation and 17 pockets, in 6 different colors for about the same price as most of the vests designed for conceal carry. You may want to go to Duluth to check them out for yourself, if you are looking for a carry vest. Just an FYI option.
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    GaryB, excellent but here's another choice if you want a bit more security and comfort.
    Works well when riding a motorcycle.
    Riding and shooting, my two favorite hobbies I sometimes do separately.

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    +1 on the Coronado vest. What hand gun fits the pockets the best? Maybe looking for an excuse for another pistol to go with my vest. Not going to use it for a carry pistol, but my Ruger SR22 seems to have the best fit and grip for a good draw. The Kahr's seem a little thin, and my heavy Ruger SP101 38Spl. has a 3" barrel. All of them fit ,it just seems the grip of the .22 is easiest to grab.

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    I wear a Woolrich vest when it gets warm. Fairly light and well vented in the back. Still carry on the belt like normal, just use the vest for a cover garment.

    It's like the 511 but the pockets are fewer and doesn't scream this is a gun concealment vest quite as bad.

    My wife shortens up the back since I sit full time. That way it hangs like a vest should and I don't have to sit on it impeding my draw.
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    I've got several vests.
    One a Military Ranger.
    Everytime I wear one people think I'm a cop.
    Restaurants have tried to comp me meals thinking I'm SWAT or something - LOL!
    I never wear tactical vests in public any more.

    I know some CC / photographer vests are less obvious.
    And I have some of those too.
    But even without any vest, sometimes folks assume I'm an off duty cop.
    So I've mostly given up on wearing any kind of vest these days.

    It's hard for me to blend in.


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