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Thread: Speaking of Kahrs - What do you all drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barth View Post
    This thread is 7 years old?!?!?

    Bought a new 2013 black Tacoma 4x4 I4 5 SP.
    Added BFGoodrich A/T KO2 tires.
    Just passed 60K on the clock.
    Truck has been flawless
    Hey Barth, it doesn't matter. I love to talk about cars. In fact I spend more time with and talking about cars than I do guns. Which reminds me - I have to change my avatar. I sold the BMW last week and bought a Jaguar F-type convertible. Still have the AMG and the much appreciated Volt electric daily driver.

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    The thread might be 7 years old but my 2002 Buick Regal GS is 15. Got it in January 05. People are always in such a hurry. They pull up on the right at a red light knowing their lane ends in a block & they're going to pass my old Buick but they soon find out that my supercharger still works.

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