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Thread: New PM9.

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    Hello to all. This is my first post on the forum. I'm a new Kahr owner. Never really payed them much attention but for some reason I was looking at some compact carry guns and decided I wanted a pocket 9mm. I was going to go with a Sig but I held off and kept looking. I decided to order a PM9. It was a very good decision. I then showed the pistol to my father who in turn went and ordered one the very next day only he went with the CM9. We took them to the range on Thursday and tried them out. Not one single malfunction with either pistol. We tried Winchester, Remington, FMJ and HP ammo. Both pistols were flawless. I read about some of the problems other guys have had but I took a chance and it worked out so far. I shot mine one handed as well as two handed and I even limp wristed it on purpose and it still functioned great. We are really pleased with these little pistols. My dad must have been really impressed because he's taking delivery of another CM9 tomorrow. It's the two is one and one is none thing. Lol.

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    Default New PM9.

    That's awesome! Welcome to Kahrtalk! I too am a recent PM9 owner, and like it so much I grabbed a micro P380, which is turning out great for me also:-). I almost went XDS myself and am a Glock fan, but Glocks 42 shoulda been a 9mm, then I'd have that and no Kahrs. Loving my Kahrs for carry.

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    Congratulations to you and your dad. I've had my PM9 for a few years and have had zero problems with it. They are great guns, high quality and very light. Good luck in the future. I'm sure you'll be around the forum for a long time to come as you add more to your collection.
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