Yes, I know another red dot thread.

What I'm looking for is some real-world experience using this sight. not looking for " looks just like the $30 xxx sight..." or someone I knew had one and...I'd like real feedback from actual users.

Primary uses for me will be speed steel mounted on a Ruger Mark III. I wouldn't mind hearing about experience with it on a 9mm or a 45acp pistol. Not really interested in how it works (or not) on shotguns, AR's or Deagles (FYI - I own a Deagle but wouldn't dream of putting any kind of red dot on it).

Looking for fast target acquisition (old eyes), reliability (holds zero) and durability (I shoot about 400 rounds/month).

Also, anything that you'd like to share regarding whether you would buy this one again or something else would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your feedback!