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Thread: P380 stove pipes

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    Quote Originally Posted by vetterestorer View Post
    My P380 did the same thing on a regular basis (at least once per magazine) and then after 300 rounds it quit doing it and now only will do it after 100 plus rounds and it is dirty. Clean it and it is good for another 100 to 150 rounds. Even oiled and greased I think mine was just too tight from the factory

    Out of the box mine was perfectly reliable until it started getting dirty/greasy after just one box of ammo, then the FTE and FTRTB issues would start. Cleaned it well, it would then go just under 100 rounds. Then I took apart the guts of the slide and found a bunch of crap in the striker/extractor channnels. Cleaned it out and de-burred the holes, now the pistol usually behaves until it starts getting REALLY dirty at about 200 rounds. With these tiny guns there's no tolerance for dirt, burrs, or metal shavings in the action. Take the pistol completely apart, clean it GOOD, lube it with something that won't run out (like gun grease), find a good carry round (like Hornady Critical Defense) and it should run fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muggsy View Post
    Stove pipe jambs are more likely to be caused by weak ammo or limp wristing. The slide is not moving to the rear with enough vigor to eject the empty case.
    +1 on that. Keep a firm grip, locked wrist and elbow and see if that doesn't cure your problem.

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