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    Ok, I'm new to the pistol competition scene. No idea what IDPA even means. I have seen action pistol competition ,and a little .22 steel competition. Maybe a tutorial on the different competitions are, including the lexicon. That way everyone will understand and maybe become interested in different shooting competitions. Thanks

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    IDPA stands for International Defensive Pistol Association.

    Ive yet to shoot a match but it sure looks fun.

    Heres a little peak into the "classifier".

    And the IDPA home page.

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    IDPA is a scenario based match. Normally you are tasked with shooting your targets in a prescribed order. I will be participating in a local match this Friday. It is time/accuracy based scoring. The saying for the classifier is that "You can't miss fast enough". I have added a picture of one of the stages for this Friday. I hope you will be able to open it. Shooting this is a lot more fun than just plain punching holes in paper. You also get a feel for how you really shoot. What I mean is that shooting from a bench and making nice tight groups is good but that is usually slow fire, good light no movement. You can have all kinds of things you need to cope with when shooting IDPA. You can ignore the zip file it is the same as the picture.
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    Glock Sport Shooting Federation also has lots of competitions all over the fruited plain.
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    very helpful, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLButler View Post
    .... You also get a feel for how you really shoot... .
    +1 and you also get a feel for what handgun actually works for you should you ever need it. I chose to shoot IDPA with a handgun that is deadly accurate for me at the range but I quickly discovered that I was not that good with it in a real world scenario. I am focusing on shooting IDPA with my carry guns now.

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    If you have questions on IDPA, the best way to get them answered is to find a local range that sponsors IDPA events. Then go visit a shoot...speak with the shooters...follow a shooter around. Go an hour early and attend the new shooters safety training session. The guys will help you understand the event. It WILL teach you excellent gun handling skills and you WILL be better able to defend yourself should you need to. You can talk about it, read about it, etc... But until you go and watch an event, then participate in one, you will never fully appreciate what it is all about. Fun training.
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    don't worry about bullseye accuratecy, this is combat/defensive shooting, neutralizing a threat; center mass down zero/down one is your goal.


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