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Thread: BDE II 9MM Trigger?

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    Default BDE II 9MM Trigger?

    Hi all, new to the forum. I've had my BDE II Steel Frame Sub-Compact 9MM for about 2 months and been through about 500 rounds. Freakin amazing handgun, only problem I've experienced is the trigger spring cup cracked and dropped two pieces. Is that a known weak point? I saw the other post with the completely broken off cup, anyway got a new one coming and will replace it.

    What modifications have you guys and girls done to you BDE's? I don't really mind the DA trigger (as some people say that's the one (-)) love the SA trigger, but would like to know if there is any mod to shorten the reset? To date I've bought a IWI locking holster and 2-Mag belt pouch direct from IWI. I also just added a hogue wrap around grip set and added a thin strip of grip tape on the indented left side of the slide that really helps in racking the slide. Also thinking about picking up a few extra mag's, I have a brother that has purchased from and says they're mags are quality, though he's buying M&P mags not BDE's. Anyone?

    Anyway look forward to hearing from fellow BDE owners.

    Old Paint.

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    I've never had any problems, but I own the compact (short-slide) version, and it probably experiences less stress because of the extra weight.
    I like the long, hard first DA trigger pull as a safety feature, so I've never considered any modification.
    I expect I will eventually buy some more magazines, but haven't gotten to it yet.
    Hope your new parts arrive quickly and fix the problem.

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    Welcome to the forum Old Paint! Sorry for the delay, been off the forum for a while. The breakage you experienced is new to me. As for mods have also not heard of any. Where did you get the wrap around grip? I thought they only made them for the full size.

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