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Thread: Replacement Batteries, Customer Service Response in General

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    Default Replacement Batteries, Customer Service Response in General

    I have two Crimson Trace lasers, one on a PM9 and another on a TCP.
    I filled out the forms on their website requesting replacement batteries about a month ago, but have not yet received anything. Does anyone know how long it should have taken?

    I also contacted CS about an issue where the laser on my PM9 would dim after a shot, but does not dim if I just keep the laser on. I assume this means it's more than just a dying battery, it's specifically recoil related. I have not received any responses via email and wondering if calling is the only way to get support.

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    Default Replacement Batteries, Customer Service Response in General

    Filling out the forms just gets you registered. When you want batteries you call them (no more than once a year per ct laser) and they send them right out. Not even a charge for postage.
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    ... or send an email requesting your batteries. Mine showed up last time in a few weeks.
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    If you call or email, you will normally receive the new batteries in a week to 10 days. Excellent service. Filling out the registration form is only the first step. You must contact them to get the new batteries sent to you.
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